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Keeping The Door Open, Edinburgh

Fundraising Fine Dining

posted March 2010

37 guests sat down to a 5 course meal in the Café, cooked and served by Fr Dermot with a team of 5 students. Members of the team worked on Friday and all day Saturday to ensure that everything was perfect.

At 2pm Gavin Scott arrived from his part time work as a waiter for his father, laid out the café with linen cloths and napkins, candles and flowers, and then instructed the team on how to serve the various courses and wines. The café looked splendid, the food and wine was excellent and the atmosphere warm and relaxed.

Between courses guests were entertained by a barbershop quartet consisting of Fr Bruno and three students. There was also a solo from Brid Cullen.

One guest commented, “lovely meal ..lovely get together ..much appreciated by all”.

Another wrote, “..the food was truly amazing well worthy of several Michelin stars! “Thanks for your inspiration and hard work!”.

So far the meal has raised £1473.74. (18th March)

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