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Frances Byatt-Smith's Traditional Christmas Puddings

posted October 2010

Christmas dinner would not be perfect without a traditional Christmas pudding. I love Christmas and the preparation for Christmas is part of the process. When I was growing up Christmas puddings were made during the half term holidays and I have continued that tradition in my house. The pudding needs to have time to mature in order to be at its best for Christmas day. Christmas for me is community and family and Christmas puddings are all part of that.

Chrostmas Puddings

Most recipes for Christmas puddings are for at least two puddings that fit into two 2 pint bowls. This quantity is too large for a smaller family so over the years I have made the recipe and divided it into smaller bowls and given them to my friends for their Christmas dinner. I have always had great feedback. This year I decided that instead of just giving them away I could make the Christmas puddings to support St Albert’s Catholic Chaplaincy New chapel project. I have made 22 puddings so far of different sizes to order and I am open to orders until 24th November.

The prices range from £6 – £12 depending on the size. The puddings are traditionally made and steamed and just need reheating on Christmas day. The puddings can be paid for in cash or via my Virgin Money Giving page at

Thank you for your support

Frances Byatt-Smith