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First Volunteer Meeting

posted July 2009

Every hour given and pound raised brings us a step nearer our goal of raising £750,000. Please come to the first meeting for volunteers, to be held on Monday 20th July at 7.30pm in the café at 23 George Square.
Whether you have a fully-formed fundraising proposal or would like to help but are not sure how, this is the meeting for you. Come along to share ideas and help make this project a great success.

In addition to the financial pledges made, 50 people have committed their time to help with fundraising events – and already this commitment is bearing fruit. Many contributed to a successful launch party, some young people have been busking and selling flapjacks, and the number of pledges and ideas for events keeps rising. Here is the breakdown:

Committee (13 people) – achieved to date

Building team (5 people) – achieved to date


Grant Application team (3 people) – achieved to dateF

Pledges made – 24 people promised, including: