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Our way forward

The Domincan Mission in Edinburgh

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The Dominican Order was invited to Edinburgh in 1931 to offer pastoral care to the staff and students of the University of Edinburgh and, soon afterwards, Edinburgh College of Art. For nearly 80 years we have been a spiritual home for young people as they prepare for their future. Along with staff of both University and College we have also been a vibrant Catholic voice in the academic life of the city.

The central location of the Chaplaincy, the large number of students who use our services, the equally large supportive community who adopt us as their parish and the active commitment of the Dominican Order have all helped to make the Chaplaincy a lively centre of Catholic life in Edinburgh.

We have recently extended our outreach to include the students of Edinburgh Napier University and Queen Margaret University. This has significantly increased the already wide range of subjects and courses that our students are following, and brought the total student population that we serve to around 46,000.

Developing Our Mission

The Chaplaincy is not just a home from home for students. It is a centre dedicated to forming people of faith for the world, today and tomorrow. We need to develop our work with young people so that we can have a deeper and more effective role in supporting them as young Catholics, called to live out the mission of the Church in their own lives.

Every few years a whole new generation of young people passes through the Chaplaincy. As graduates they go on to live out their faith in the various occupations they have prepared for, many of them in the UK and in many cases making a significant contribution to their chosen field or profession. The Church needs these young people to take a lead in bearing witness to Christ in the society in which we live.

Strategy document

A Secure Foundation

The two buildings currently used by the Chaplaincy and Dominican community are in the right location. They have provided an excellent home for our work, but they now need to be developed in order to adequately support our mission. As well as making essential repairs to our existing buildings we are constructing a new Chapel. It will have the capacity we require, be accessible to the infirm and the disabled, and be fully integrated with the other Chaplaincy areas.

Over the last 80 years we have planned again and again to build a new Chapel. Only now has the opportunity been given to us.

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