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posted July 2012

How do I get into the new chapel?
The new chapel is entered from the garden at the rear of number 23. For the moment you can only get to the chapel via the basement of number 23. On Sunday mornings the basement door of number 23 will be open as will the main door at street level.

What about the entrance from George Lane?
This second entrance will not be ready for a few weeks. When the garden path and rear wall are "nished you will be able to enter the garden and get to the chapel through a gateway on George Lane.

What about disabled access?   
Disabled access will be from the entrance on George Lane. There will be a parking bay reserved for the cars of people coming to the chaplaincy who display a registered disabled badge. It will be a few weeks before this option is available.

Will there be a loop system in the new chapel?
Yes This means that there will be microphones on the lectern, the altar and beside the celebrant’s chair. However these microphones are only for the loop system. There will not be any speakers.

Where will the notice board go?
There will be a new notice board on the wall as you enter the basement of number 23.

Will there be a cross in the new chapel? The processional cross that we currently use will go in a stand behind the altar. The current cross will be stored and re-hung somewhere else in the public areas of the chaplaincy. We will also try to "nd an appropriate place for the stained glass, and the icons from the existing chapel.

What will happen to the current altar?
This will be used in the new chapel until the new altar is dedicated on 15th August. It will then "nd a home in a Catholic School in Whitburn. The relic from the current altar will be transferred to the new altar on 15th August.

What about other objects in the chapel?
We will be using the tabernacle, the organ, the wooden "gure of Our Lady and the Child Jesus and the holy water stoup in the new chapel.

What about heating and ventilation in the new chapel?
There is under floor heating in the new chapel. The windows in the roof will open and close automatically in response to a temperature sensor. They can also be opened manually using controls in the Chapel. It may take time to get these settings adjusted properly.

What about planting the garden?
In late August here will be a meeting for those who are interested in helping to plant the garden. An overall plan will be drawn up and we hope parishioners will be able to donate suitable plants and cuttings from their own gardens.